Japanese language lessons online. For beginners, for children. Learn Japanese from scratch.
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Курсы корейского языка онлайн скайп


Learn Japanese online via Skype, directly from your phone or computer, at a time convenient for you, directly with native speakers!

The Sun Cultural Center has been teaching Japanese since 2006. We use modern technology, therefore we also conduct Japanese courses online via Skype. In our lessons, you will feel the atmosphere of friendliness, courtesy and accuracy and precision inherent in the representatives of the Land of the Rising Sun. You will see their simplicity, and at the same time, a kind of genius. The Japanese were just as familiar with the difficult but exciting Japanese writing as you. Therefore, they will be able to share with you the secrets of why the Japanese know so many hieroglyphs. When you study Japanese, you will unexpectedly discover imagery and inner harmony unknown to you.

We provide a wide range of areas for learning Japanese online:
  • intensive Japanese course;
  • general Japanese language course;
    spoken Japanese;
  • Japanese for tourism;
  • Japanese for university admission and preparation for the Nihongo noryoku shiken (JLPT) exam;
  • business Japanese for work in Japanese companies and business cooperation;
  • Japanese course for fans of Japanese anime and cinema, dramas, J-POP
  • special course - Japanese hieroglyphic inimum, 1260 kanji
Курсы японского языка онлайн по скайпу, вайберу
Уроки японского языка онлайн по скайпу

Our teachers will use reliable Japanese memorization techniques and will use a variety of flashcards, games, and more. All our teachers are distinguished by an individual approach to students, as well as constant stimulation of the learning process.

Lessons are conducted via Skype, Viber, Line, Telegram, Google Meets or any messenger convenient for you. Just enter the phone number +38 (093) 813-39-83 in the search for the messenger and you will find us right away.

Стоимость курсов корейского онлайн


Урок с украинским преподавателем

Курс 8 уроков

Урок с носителем языка

Курс 8 уроков

30-минутные уроки

100 ₴

800 ₴

170 ₴

1360 ₴

45-минутные уроки

150 ₴

1200 ₴

225 ₴

1800 ₴

60-минутные уроки

170 ₴

1360 ₴

270 ₴

2160 ₴

90-минутные уроки

200 ₴

1600 ₴

300 ₴

2400 ₴



Онлайн курсы японского языка по скайпу
With us you can start learning Japanese from any level!

If necessary, there may be changes in the schedule and frequency of lessons, individual consultations to help in learning Japanese.

We will select for you combinations of courses and individual programs tailored to your goals.

When paying immediately for the entire course, a 5% discount. If you bring a friend to a course in our center - 10% discount! Don't forget that the first trial lesson is absolutely free!

Price of individual lessons with a native speaker 1 hour 600 ₴


  • Course duration: 9 months
  • Recommended schedule: 3 times a week for 60 minutes (110 lessons)
  • Cost of the entire course: 66000 ₴ (7334 ₴ per month)
  • Block - 3 lessons - 1800 ₴

General Japanese course

This is a course for those who want to engage in fun learning Japanese from the ground up.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • confidently read and write in katakana and hiragana (Japanese alphabets);
  • learn 100 Japanese kanji;
  • good orientation in time and space in Japanese;
  • confidently talk about yourself;
  • express yourself in essential establishments - shops, cafes, hospitals, hairdressers, etc .;
  • understand Japanese by ear;
  • learn the basic cultural characteristics of Japan;
  • learn to keep a diary in Japanese;
  • and many many others.


  • Course duration: 3 months
  • Schedule: 2 times a week for 60 minutes (24 lessons)
  • Cost of the entire course: 14400 ₴ (4800 ₴ per month)
  • Block - 2 lessons - 1200 ₴

Course "Easy Japanese without hieroglyphs"

This course was created especially for those who really want to quickly and well learn to speak Japanese, but do not want to use kanji, Japanese characters. Here you will read, but only in katakana and hiragana, save time without learning kanji, and speak a lot ... in Japanese, on all the most important topics and with a native speaker!


  • Course duration: 2 months
  • Schedule: 2 times a week for 60 minutes (16 lessons)
  • Cost of the entire course: 9600 ₴
  • Block - 2 lessons - 1200 ₴

Japan Traveler Course

The course was created especially for tourists. Immediately after mastering katakana and hiragana for reading, you will begin to learn the most vital hieroglyphs, words, expressions and phrases for travel. However, the focus of the course will remain on speaking practice. And all this - all immersed and immersed in the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun together with excellent Japanese teachers.


  • Course duration: individually, depending on the desired level of JLPT
  • Cost of 1 hour of classes 600 ₴
  • When paying in a block for 20 lessons, a 5% discount

Japanese for JLPT preparation and admission to Japanese universities

This is a course for those who are going to enter Japanese universities, or find a job in Japanese companies. Here you will definitely have to learn a lot of kanji characters and work hard! But don't worry, during the course, the teacher will reveal the secrets of preparing for this test, help you learn how to solve even the most difficult tasks, and help you prepare for all of its components of the exam - writing, listening, reading. This is a serious course for those who have a clear, high and excellent goal - to pass the JLPT. The main thing is to set a clear goal for which JLPT level you want to take the exam!


  • Course duration: individually
  • Cost of 1 hour of classes 600 ₴
  • When paying in a block for 20 lessons, a 5% discount

Japanese for fans of Japanese anime, dramas and J-POP

As you guessed it, this is a course for those who are crazy about Japanese anime and J-POP. Here you can learn the most frequently used expressions in your favorite anime and certainly go towards your goal - to understand any anime without subtitles!



  • Course duration: individually
  • Cost of 1 hour of classes 600 ₴
  • When paying in a block for 20 lessons, a 5% discount

Specialized course "Japanese hieroglyphic minimum"

This is exactly the course taught by serious Japanese learners.

1260 kanji is exactly as much as every Japanese who graduated from high school knows. This course is an amazing and exciting immersion in the world of Japanese kanji, through which you will discover new depths of Japanese culture, logic and thinking.


Саори - преподаватель японского языка

Japanese language teacher

About me:

For 5 years of teaching Japanese in Ukraine, I have taught 21 students. Among them there are those who passed the JLPT exam for themselves, and those who entered Japanese universities and schools, and those who started working in Japan or in Japanese companies, and simply fans of the country's culture.

All these years I have been working at the San Cultural Center. I am also a master of Japanese culture, especially the dressing of the Japanese kimono. I help in organizing the evenings of Japanese culture, I know well both the culture of Ukraine and Japan. She studied at the Kiev Linguistic University. I love teaching Japanese and I myself am learning everything new with interest.

I will be very glad to meet you!

Саори - преподаватель японского языка


Japanese language teacher

About me:

Graduated from Kiev Linguistic University. I have been teaching Japanese in Ukraine for 8 years. Master of the tea ceremony at the San Culture Center.

Extensive experience in teaching Japanese to students with different goals - from hobbies to entering Japanese universities. I also have experience in teaching Japanese to children. I give various master classes on Japanese culture. Teaching is a favorite and interesting activity for me.

Алина - преподаватель корейского онлайн


Japanese language teacher

About me:

I'm native Japanese, but graduated from Korean school in Japan. Now, I'm studying English and Russian language.

I can teach you Japanese and Korean in English and little bit Russian. Now, I live in Ukraine.

I have TOPIC 6th certificate in Korean language.

I have all materials for teaching Japanese and Korean in E-books.

Started tutoring just recently, but I really like it.

I will be glad to meet you in my classes.

Алина - преподаватель корейского онлайн


Japanese language teacher

About me:

I have lived and studied in England for 7 years. So I can speak freely English and Japanese.

I also taught English in Japan, and taught Japanese to some non-native Japanese speakers in England, Japan, and Ukraine. I use a Japanese textbook to teach grammar, but mainly focus on practical conversation language. I will be able to adjust to each individual preferences.

I'm very friendly and easy-going person, really enjoy meeting new people.

Will be glad to see you on our lessons!