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Japanese lessons


We invite you to the lessons of Japanese in our center, where your teachers will be native speakers.

For those wishing to learn the basics of the language: the Japanese alphabet (Katakana and Hirogana), the basics of kanji, the basics of grammar, reading, writing and audio, simple colloquial speech, we offer classes in the entry-level group.

Individual classes with Japanese tutors for adults and children from 5 years are also possible for learning the language from any level, preparing for the Nihongo Nyoko shiken state exam.

For children we offer the study of the Japanese alphabet, simple conversational speech in the form of games, grammar, reading and writing.


Schedule and cost of lessons

An entry-level group with a native Japanese speaker:

Classes are held one hour two times a week.

The cost of lessons in a group of 2 people:
Payment for 1 lesson (60 min) - 250 UAH.


Individual lessons with a native speaker:

The duration of the lesson is one hour and a half.
Cost of hour lessons:
Payment for 1 lesson - 500 UAH.