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Korean Lessons


We invite you to classes in the Korean language

Korean language is one of the most ancient languages ​​of the world. Although the history of the existence of the language is one of the thousands of years, the Korean script of the Hangul (the alphabet) was invented only in 1443. Scientists have established that Hangul is a great discovery, because there are no languages ​​in the world. simple letters and sounds. Despite its elementality, Hangul conveys all the richness of the sound of the Korean language and at the same time. Hangul is easy to learn (compared to the previous hieroglyphic script), it is convenient for perception, which is contributed to a sharp increase in literacy in Korea.

1. Cultural Center "Sun" provides professional training in the Korean language. Thanks to the systematic conduct of classes, you can quickly and easily improve the level of language skills. Our program is very rich and interesting, because it is impossible to understand the language only by memorizing words and phrases.

2. In the course of teaching Korean language there are 4 directions: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The system of the educational process in our center is designed so that you can theoretically and practically develop all these four skills. If it is difficult for you to master your own conversational speech or listening, you can enroll in the Talking Class and Audio class, which are conducted by the native speaker.

3. Having an individual approach to the student, we help to correctly understand the grammar and phonetics of the Korean language, the pronunciation rules, the concepts of synonym and homonym (often found in the language), which cause some difficulties for Ukrainian students in the learning process. If you want to improve your pronunciation, practically learn how to apply grammar, etc., we invite you to reading classes, which are conducted by a native speaker.

4. In order that you can freely and correctly express your thoughts in Korean and study was interesting, we prepared a Drama class where you will have the opportunity to learn and practice the words and expressions that are used in everyday life, in the family, in society and at work.

5. The cultural center "Sun" does everything to make your studies effective and you have only positive impressions. If you are interested in the course and want to enroll, call us on the phone: 093-813-39-83 or write: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cost: individual occupation is 500 UAH, in the group - 250 UAH.



Korean lessons in groups with native speakers

Number of lessons Duration  Number of students Cost, UAH With discount, UAH
1 60 мин 3 250  
5 60 мин 3 1250 1200
10 60 мин 3 2500 2200
15 60 мин 3 3750 3300
1 90 мин 6 250  
5 90 мин 6 1250 1200
10 90 мин 6 2500 2200
15 90 мин 6 3750 3300


Individual Korean language lessons with native speakers

Number of lessons Duration Number of students Cost, UAH With discount, UAH
1 60 мин 1 500  
5 60 мин 1 2500 2300
10 60 мин 1 5000 4500
15 60 мин 1 7500 6300
1 90 мин 1 750  
5 90 мин 1 3750 3500
10 90 мин 1 7500 6700
15 90 мин 1 11250 9500