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Origami Lessons


We invite you to study origami for children and adults, where our teachers from Japan and Ukraine will teach you how to make various figures of classical and modular origami from simple to professional level, as well as understand the schemes. Together we will create beautiful masterpieces, refinement which will give colorful Japanese paper.

Origami classes are a great way to develop your thinking, creative and motor skills, and crafts created by you will decorate any interior. After all, with the help of paper, you can create many practical and useful things, for example, a stand under the hot, pencil, purse and much more.

In our lessons you can also get acquainted with the philosophy of origami and communicate with the bearers of culture.

Classes are held once a week for an hour.
The cost of 1 lesson is 250 UAH.
Teachers: Saori Kikuchi (Tokyo, Japan).