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Sushi culinary course


We invite you to a unique course, where you will learn how to create from the simplest to the most exquisite types of sushi.

Japanese cuisine for us is also exotic, like Japan itself, with its mysterious traditions and customs. Sushi remains the most important achievement of the national cuisine of the country of the Rising Sun. Sushi is both a delicacy and a spectacle. Everything is important here: not only the refined taste, but also the impeccably accurate appearance of the dish, which conveys the natural natural appearance.

At first glance it seems that sushi is very simple, but in every simplicity there is a riddle. To sushi received their exquisite taste, in the course of the course the master from Japan will share with you the secrets of Japanese cooking.


So, during the course you will learn:

• How to cook rice;
• how to choose the right ingredients;
• how to make the right shape of the land;
• how to create a decoration of dishes;
• how to serve a table in Japanese style

The course includes 4 lessons:

1 lesson    
1.   Uchimaki
2.   Temrendoshi


Butterfly -
cucumber decoration

2 lesson    
1.   Sotomaki
2.   Gunkan-maki

Bamboo - cucumber decoration



3 lesson

 1. Shikaimaki
 2. Nigiridzushi

Fan - cucumber decoration

4 lesson  
1. Roll «Heart»
2. Tamago sushi

Leaf - cucumber decoration


We sincerely hope that after this course you will receive unforgettable impressions. And to your attention, at the end of the course each participant will receive the certificate of the Cultural Center "Sun".

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The course is pre-recorded.