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Our vision and mission

«Sun» Culture Center

The word «Sun» uses the symbol 仙 - freshness, fresh air.

The first hieroglyph symbolizes a person. The second is mountains.

In the mountains people find hope, tranquility, harmony. Man always has the desire to reach the summit and unity with nature. Where a person merges with nature, a culture arises


The idea of ​​the «Sun» Culture Center is to inherit the best cultural values ​​and traditions that are represented in the cultures of the peoples of the world, uniting them in the framework of a single world culture.

In our center, we represent the values ​​of Japan and Korea, as these countries have become a center in the world's cultural heritage. We sincerely want, through our activities, cooperation and communication, to express to you the best aspects of these beautiful countries and to help you plunge into the mysterious atmosphere of the East.

We strive to promote the development of cultural exchange between countries. The cultural center «Sun» conducts its activities both in Ukraine and in Japan. On our website you can find out about the events held by the «Sun» Culture Center in Japan. This cooperation helps us to acquaint Japan with the best aspects of Ukrainian culture, in which the soul of the Ukrainian people is reflected.

Activity of the center:
- Courses and presentations of traditional Japanese and Korean arts;
- lessons of Japanese and Korean languages;
- organization of tours and festivals;
- assistance in the training of foreign students in Ukraine;
- development of relations between eastern and Ukrainian organizations;
- holding events in the Japanese style;
- Evenings of Japanese culture in Ukraine;
- Festivals of Ukrainian cinema in Japan.


«Wild flower
In the rays of sunset
I was captured for a moment».

These words reflect the subtle soul of the mysterious East. Japan, Korea and other eastern countries have created the soil, where the wealth of cultural values ​​is collected. Their traditions, customs and views on life are very attracted to the souls of Westerners. Having become acquainted with them, each of us will feel the warmth, beauty, love and harmony that we lack in everyday life. Therefore, interest in the East becomes more and more every day.